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The Real Estate market seems to be bouncing back. Many people who headed for the hills due to the housing market crash in the 80's or early 2000's are starting to come back in hopes of cashing in on todays economy. They are finding out though, at the cost of hopeful homebuyers and home sellers, that much has changed in recent years. Dale Nabors, Tampa Bay's Real Estate Guru, understands that for most of us, buying or selling a home will be the most costly transaction we will ever be a part of. The Internet is flooded with information on how to buy or sell a house written by one-time homebuyers and blog writers, some of who have never actually bought or sold a home! Do What Works contains the expert advice from someone who has been intricately involved in every area of the home purchasing process for over 30 years. It is estimated that homeowners who sell their own home leave approximately 18% of the value of their house on the table. Do you plan to buy or sell a home yourself? Are you a Realtor® and want to learn from someone with over 30 years of successfully brokering transactions in real estate? Are you in the need of a good Realtor® but aren't sure the best way to finding a good one? Do What Works contains practical answers for just about every question regarding the home buying and home selling transaction. Learn from the Guru now, and make or save thousands more later!

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